Die Reise zur Südsee

Short film  1986, 16-mm, DVD, HD ProRes, 7 mins.


A real couple, a man and a woman, move about in painted rooms. They make their first eye contact in a launderette. Their gazes change and transform the room. It is their imagination of being in love, ultimately leading to their trip to a palm beach in the moonlight. The couple’s secret longing for paradise. But in the end the sea is raging.

DirectorAnka Schmid
ScriptAnka Schmid
WithPetra dus Soldt, Markus Kissling
PhotographyTania Stöcklin, Anka Schmid
EditingAnka Schmid
CollaboratorsMischung: Martin Steyer
Animation: Anka Schmid
Duration7 mins.
Format16-mm, DVD, HD ProRes
Shooting format16-mm
VersionsWithout dialogue
Festivals/ScreeningsPreis: Stanley Thomas Johnson Preis, 1986
Solothurn 1986
Nanjing, China Independent Film Festival Nanjing, 2010
Peking, May Festival Beijing 2011
ProductionDeutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin