Experimental film  1997, 22 mins.

Image: Labyrinth-Projektionen Image: Labyrinth-Projektionen 

The film’s leitmotif is the labyrinthine structure that combines basic indicia familiar to the human being, for example, horizontal and vertical, as well as the triangle, square and circle. “Labyrinth-Projektionen” traces these signs and signals in everyday life, in the urban environment and in the human body. While this unaccustomed focus and ever-changing image detail may seem somewhat confusing, it provides an ironic and new view of our familiar world. The film simulates a walk through the labyrinth, thereby bringing an age-old sign for humans back to the present.

DirectorAnka Schmid, Agnes Barmettler
ScriptAnka Schmid, Agnes Barmettler
WithMuriel Bader, Anne Rosset
PhotographyAnka Schmid
SoundEster Roth
EditingPaul Avondet
MusicEster Roth, Franziska Gohl
CollaboratorsDorothee Schmid (Kostüme)
André Pinkus, Antje Brückner (Licht)
Duration22 mins.
Shooting formatBeta SP
VersionsOhne Dialog
Festivals/ScreeningsSolothurn 1998
Nanjing, China Independent Film Festival Nanjing, 2010
Peking, May Festival Beijing 2011