La Dada - King Deer

[original title:  La Dada – König Hirsch]

Experimental film  2016, DCP, Blu-ray, ProRes, DVD, HD, 6 mins.

Image: La Dada - Roi Cerf 

LA DADA – KING DEER is a filmic ode to the artist Sophie Taeuber (1889 – 1943) and to her dadaistic work.

A dancer and a singer perform a duet with Taeuber’s marionettes and revive Dada as a collective art – still fresh and experimental after 100 years of its appearance.

The masking of dancer and singer bring to mind the courage of Sophie Taeuber. Despite the threat of dismissal from the School of Applied Arts she continued performing as a dadaist – henceforth, dancing with mask and pseudonym.

DirectorAnka Schmid
ScriptAnka Schmid
WithNina Vallon, Saadet Türköz
PhotographyAnka Schmid
SoundPeter Bräker
EditingMarina Wernli
MusicSaadet Türköz
CollaboratorsDancer: Nina Vallon
Singer: Saadet Türköz
Duration6 mins.
FormatDCP, Blu-ray, ProRes, DVD, HD
Shooting formatHD
VersionsOriginalversion: Ohne Dialog.
ReleaseSolothurn Januar 2016
Festivals/ScreeningsSolothurn 2016
Cork Film Festival, 2016
Moskau, Tanzfilmfestival 2016
Videoex, Internationales Experimentalfilmfestival, Zürich, 2016
Sao Paulo, 2016
Milano, Squardi Altrove Film Festival, 2017
24th International Women`s Film Festival, 2017
Distribution SwitzerlandMano Film / Anka Schmid – Dienerstrasse 7, CH-8004 Zürich
Tel. +41 44 481 45 84 , +41 79 547 79 49