Marzili Badi

Experimental film  2012, DCP, 6 mins.

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A disciplined swimmer is doing her laps. Synchronised swimmers emerge from the water. Seemingly weightless, they carry out their performance. A mosquito strikes with a bite. A teenager jumps effortlessly off the diving board. The water turns red. Is it lava? Or perhaps even blood? Irrespective of all this, the swimmer carries on with her laps.

ArtistAnka Schmid
ConceptAnka Schmid
WithSascha Zahnd
PhotographyAnka Schmid
SoundAischa Magali
MusicPeter Bräker, Balz Bachmann
Duration6 mins.
Shooting formatHD
ReleaseJanuar 2012
Exhibitions/PerformancesSolothurn 2012
ContactMano Film / Anka Schmid – Dienerstrasse 7, CH-8004 Zürich
Tel. +41 44 481 45 84 , +41 79 547 79 49