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The pages do not use Javascript and do not load invisible elements (scripts, tracking pixels, etc. on third-party servers) with which data is collected for and/or made available to GAFA, among others.

Cookies: In order to maintain a user-selected sorting mode (by genre, by title, etc.) for the film and work lists, two cookies are stored that are effective until the end of your browser session [lsort20, lsort25]. In your browser, you can disable cookies in full or in part at any time in the settings. If you have deactivated cookies, the initial sorting is always displayed first (descending by year) when you call up a list menu.

On our server, the anonymized log files are only evaluated in the event of intrusion attempts or for statistical purposes; this data is not accessible to third parties. Temporarily stored on our server are: the requested page, the requesting page, date/time of the request, the information sent by your browser about version and operating system, the protocol used and the IP address of your server (see example of the data transmitted when you request a page).

Our contact form is only used for direct e-mail forwarding of the request to Anka Schmid/Mano Film, or forwarding of orders (order data is registered in a log file for processing).

If you use our search module, the date, the search terms and the number of hits are stored, as well as the current session of the visitor (IP, browser data, in the form of an anonymous, non-reversible hash), in order to be able to improve search procedures and indexing.